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India’s Electricity Problem: Akshay Saur Urja Kendra, Kanpur A new Vision Today world as well as India is facing power, electricity problems. Solar energy is a one energy which can help us humans to solve these problems which today we are facing.

In India  this solar energy can  become a boon for us. As in India  normally we

have sun for all 12 months in the sky. In a rainy season also we can see sun for few hours daily. We just need to make a one law and our power problem will be reduced Up to 50% or more. I was suggesting one simple law we need to introduce and our 75% power electricity problem will be solved. Today people in metro cities are buying flats, apartments at a cost of 1 crore, or 10 million or 1 million. The builders are building very costly apartments without the solar energy panel roofs. The government of India should make a law that new buildings should have compulsory Solar tiles or panels be installed otherwise the building will be considered illegal. After that slowly this rule is applied to all old buildings.

How Solar Works
In each city we all know how many building are there if there are 1000 buildings just see how much electricity and power will be saved. More ever solar energy is freely available, good for environment. Solar energy panels, roof titles are easy to repair, they are reliable they can be used for more than 20 years. To install the solar panels on the roof of building is very easy and simple process any one can do it with little experience.
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